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Diamond Karaoke is the top provider of Karaoke services in Austin, TX.

We have been hosting public and private shows in Austin for over 16 years and have multiple daily residencies at clubs and venues throughout the city and surrounding area.

Diamond Karaoke begins with high quality microphones and state-of-the-art sound systems run by friendly, experienced “K.J.’s”. Diamond Karaoke provides a song-book, that far surpasses other karaoke companies, featuring over 68,500 different songs, from pop to country to standards to musicals and much more, with no duplicated tracks. The song books are updated daily, following the Top 40 Billboard Charts for all the latest hits and provided by the highest quality karaoke track manufacturers available.

Have a favorite song you don’t see on our searchable song list? , email or message us on FaceBook and if the song is available, we can have it for you as soon as possible.

At Diamond Karaoke events, our main priority is your having a great time! Our K.J.’s do their best to help you choose your song and get you on the list fast, so all that’s left for you to do is get out there and sing!

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